Frequently asked questions


So the donation comes exclusively from the invoice value collected by Bibendum Wine Co?

That's correct. The restaurant does not donate anything. They function as they normally do, make their full margin and simply pay the invoice as per the terms. It is Bibendum and the winery that make the donation to the charity. The idea is to keep the process as simple as possible for the restaurant or merchant and for it to fit within their standard business practice - they just know that their support (by choosing to buy the wine) helps us make a donation to charity.

Is the full Bibendum invoice value donated to charity?

Where the wine is donated by the winery FOC (as it has been for our first two fundraisers) then 100% of the invoice value (ex tax) is donated to charity. We also offer wineries the opportunity to donate wine at their cost, rather than FOC. In these instances, what will be donated to charity will be the invoice value less the cost of the wine. Regardless, Bibendum always passes back 100% of the invoice value (ex tax).  

Is there an agreed pouring price or is it up to each restaurant?

What you sell the wine for is up to you. Again, it's business as usual - participating restaurants operate as they would normally.

Will the restaurant and the winery’s participation be promoted?

Yes Bibendum Wine Co. will promote their participation via the Glass Half Full web site, social media and via press releases to give you credit for your support. 

There is no commitment for a period of time. Just the 2 – 4 cases?

That's right. Restaurants simply commit to pour the 2-4 cases of wines (our fundraisers are always between 2-4 cases). You will always be able to choose on a wine by wine basis. We will be running each fundraising with a new wine, every second month if all goes to plan. You may happy to pour some wines, but not others. There is no ongoing obligation. Again, it's business as usual.